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Thermography and Fuses??? HeatSpy 2/10/2004
How would you explain to an electrical manager that you must analyze a fuse/fuseblock differently than you would a generic connection?
Re:Thermography and Fuses??? Bernie Lyon 2/10/2004
Richard Witte had written an excellent paper on fuses, which was published in the "ASNT Infrared Thermography Topical Conference" (1997). He had illustrated his paper with infrared images and x-ray pictures, as well. Here is some commentary on that paper:

Have You Blown Any Fuses Lately?
While fuses are essential to the protection of electric circuits, they're generally held in low regard. After all, a fuse is a fuse is a fuse. If a fuse looks good in appearance and an ohm test shows that it has not failed, the fuse is considered operationally sound. Focal Plane Array imagers may show this is not true. This presentation highlights the investigations of the author in looking at differences in fuses from several manufacturers and his discovery that the watt losses vary considerably, as well as his conclusion that examining fuses is not as straightforward as most would assume.
by Richard "Dick" Earl Witte, Witte Energy Management

The document is available from ASNT. Here is a direct link:

Re:Thermography and Fuses??? uri 3/3/2004
in general the temperature rise is linear with power as long as the temperature is ~ less than 50 deg c
as the temp riss radiation losses become more dominant and the solution is not linear.
but you can get worst case results by assuming that the temp rise ins linear relative to power dissapation in the fuse.

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