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Infrared Report / Software 2020 9/13/2006
What type of report / software are avilable to generate a report?
Re:Infrared Report / Software Jim Haney 9/13/2006
Re:Infrared Report / Software 2020 9/13/2006
Thanks, I think ThermaCam Report is excellent dynamic software but I was hoping to find something a little more conventional for Building Inspections instead. In my view (and please correct me if i am wrong) ThermaCam Report is great for critical maintenance inspections like electric systems where temperature delta are critical. On the other hand the analysis of a building thermogram is usually more simplistic in data and relies more in visual. Besides if a camera lacks radiometric recording ThermaCam Report is of little use.

I requested a quote a few years back for ThermaCam Report and found that it was difficult to justify the cost for building Thermography Inspections.

Your opinion please is greatly appreciated.
Re:Infrared Report / Software westie 9/13/2006
I've been using Reporter 2000 and 7 for a couple of years doing roof, machinery ,building etc... inspections and have found modifying the templates to suit your purpose is fairly easy. In the long run it saves time, which is money.
Re:Infrared Report / Software Bob Berry 9/13/2006
Reporter 7 works fine with building thermography applications, the key is to spend some time creating good templates.
Re:Infrared Report / Software 2020 9/13/2006
Can anyone tell me the just about price of Report 7?

Also I saw a software called Dual View any opinions?
Re:Infrared Report / Software Avalon Inspection 9/14/2006
Around $7,000.
Re:Infrared Report / Software Alaskan Lady 3/7/2007
2020 wrote:
one tell me the just about price of Report 7?

Also I saw a software called Dual View any opinions?
I just bought Dual View for my reports. Less than $500.00. Works find for a building inspection but you can not adjust the IR picture inside the program, you have to do it in QuickView then import. I like the way I can align the digital and the IR and write below each set. $7000.00 is just a little steep for a start up if you don't need the bells and whistles.

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