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Blower ( CFM ? ) + infrared inspection IR contractor 10/3/2006
I am thinking of buying a blower to make better insulation tests.

Is a 2480 cfm blower is enought to create a depressurization to get working in a building ?

I don't want to do blower test door, but just having more air infiltration.

And also to pressurize to building to get outside air leak.

Thank you for your advices.
Re:Blower ( CFM ? ) + infrared inspection Raphael Danjoux 10/4/2006
Standards for the use of blower doors are ISO 9972 and EN 13829 in Europe.
Although your first intention is not to perform blower door tests, the equipment should comply. Otherwise, you won't be able do do full diagnosis, but just nice images.
Re:Blower ( CFM ? ) + infrared inspection Conrad 10/10/2006
Should work fine, I can get a decent image just using fart fan, and kitchen hood. I would probally use a carpet blower if I was to do this it moves huge ammounts of air, probally more than would naturally occour naturally.

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