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Fossil Power Boiler Heat Losses Jose Miguel 4/4/2002
I´m interested in calculating the heat losses by air convection and radiation on external steel plates of a fossil power boiler which I made thermography.
I have problems to calculate the air film coefficient. It would be natural and forced convection (due to wind)on a vertical steel plate.

-How affect the air velocity on the convection film coefficient ? Losses, of course, increase.

-Is the film coefficient very affected by the plate profile (ondulated, trapezoidal,etc.)?

I would thank if you could provide me a h function valid for this application.
RE:Fossil Power Boiler Heat Losses Gary Orlve 4/24/2002
The Infrared Training Center provides Watt Loss Calculation software to its students on our Utilities CD. This allows calculation of heat loss from objects of interest with simple shapes such as a boiler wall surface, box and cylinder. The calculation is for zero wind conditions.

Many heat transfer texts also treat this problem in some detail such as the simplified equations for air given in Table 7-2, page 358, 8th edition, Heat Transfer, J.P. Holman, 1997, McGraw Hill.

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