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"Custom" E4 Infrared Camera for sale Allinson_Associates 10/5/2006
I have a "CUSTOM" E4 camera for sale as I have traded up to a P65HS. I refer to this ThermaCAM as custom because it started off as the "yellow body E2" manufactured in January 2002 and has upgraded over the years to an E4. Unique to the software upgrades is temperature range measurements of -5 to 450 F and +250 to +1650 F.

The system comes with 3 batteries, external battery charger system, USB to PC cable for downloading images, both the standard 25 degree and a 12 degree FOV telescopic lens, and a micro optics heads up display. For more information contact JACK ALLINSON at email
Re:"Custom" E4 Infrared Camera for sale Allinson_Associates 10/5/2006
Just a bit of an update ... the "Custom" E4 is equivalent to what was marketed as the E65 before it was discontinued. Camera has features that enable it to be used for electrical as well as building inspection applications.

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