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P65 & Bluetooth kfs 10/7/2006
Anyone had problems with pairing a Bluetooth headset to the P65.

I'm using a Jabra headset and the camera will not retain the setting for the headset.

When I switch the camera on it has lost the headset & I have to run the pairing procedure again.

I don't think its the headset - it will pair to my Nokia phone ok.

Re:P65 & Bluetooth irinspect 10/11/2006
I have the same issue. My bluetooth will work for approximately 1 hour and then will not make the connection with the camera. It does not seem to be a charging or battery issue. I have not tried to "re-pair" it with my camera but i will in the future. My unit is about two years old and I am wondering if it could be the internal battery of the earpiece. I have talked to the service department at Flir, however they want to replace the board in the camera -$$$$$
Re:P65 & Bluetooth kfs 10/11/2006
Fortunately my P65 is still under warranty and was supplied with the Jabra. However, I have asked FLIR if it can be converted to accept a wired headset.


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