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IR Camera's for UAV Neil 10/10/2006
I am an Electronic Engineering student, and designing a UAV for environmetal research & application. Application include predictive maintanence of power lines, monitoring the heat loss from the buildings etc. I am looking for a IR camera to satisfy these purpose. I have searched through the FLIR cameras, but i am not sure which one to choose. Can any one help me on this?
Re:IR Camera's for UAV awpov 10/10/2006
Call Flir, ask to speak to a sales rep and schudle a demo of the cameras you are interested in. Don't be afraid to look at other manufactors cameras, like Fluke. Between the two, you will find what you want.

A20 IR Camera's for UAV john@FLIR 10/10/2006
Hi Neil,

Take a look at the FLIR A20 camera. It is used for a lot of UAV applications due to its small size, weight, and low power consumption.

You can even rent a unit to try and get rental credit should you decide to purchase. Give us a call we are happy to help.

Best regards,
Re:IR Camera's for UAV Neil 10/12/2006
Linda and John thank you for your help. I am living in UK, i am going to contact the office in Kent UK. If I need more help i will post a message. Any way thanks a lot for your help.

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