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Near Infrared and Infrared boundary S_Desjardins 10/27/2006

I was having a discussion and need some clarification. The near infrared region can arguably be placed (at the high end) up to 1.3 to 1.4 micrometers with regards to where third Gen night vision devices can detect. Then majority of the available med wave thermal imagers can detect between the 3-5 micron ranges. What can be seen within the 1.4 to 3 micron range and with what type of detection? Is the range so unreliable with regards to atmospheric transmission that nothing (thermal imager, optic detection) has been developed or am I way off base? Are there thermal imagers that can detect below 3 microns and for what use? Thanks for the help...Maybe this is a question for Dr. Bob Madding.....

Steve Desjardins
Re:Near Infrared and Infrared boundary Raphael Danjoux 10/27/2006
There exist Extended InSb FPA, with sensitivity below 3 microns. Limit is about 1 microns.
Known application between 1 and 1,5 is to look through silicon.
SC4000 and SC6000 are available with such FPA.
Re:Near Infrared and Infrared boundary S_Desjardins 10/27/2006
Thanks Mr. Danjoux for the info it helped....
Re:Near Infrared and Infrared boundary Hay 10/30/2006
Hi there are also so called labotory ore sientific midwave IR-camera's they go from 1 until 5micrometers.
The Nir camera's with a InGaAs detector go from 900nm unitil 1900nm, but there is also a version called the VisGaAs detector and goes from 400nm until 1900nm.
Depending on the application you can it also use for temperature measurement but only from aprox. 650K and higher. I personally working on a feasability test for temperature measurement at a coating with a thickenss of 1micron with a InGaAs detector.
Is there a particilar application you are interested, if you want you can contact me.


Hai Theunissen

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