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Bus or Bust Duct Severity Laland 10/30/2006
Attached is an image and photo of a bus duct. Have no idea on the temperature of the bus because it is dangerous to open it while in operation and our client will risk of doing so.. The distance between the bus and the enclosure is approximately 4”. This portion that has a high temperature is the connector. Also, herewith is the photo of the top view of the bus when it was opened for maintenance.
1. Can anybody comment as to how critical the inside bus is??
2. What would be the estimated temperature of bus connector directly on the hottest spot?

Re:Bus or Bust Duct Severity Conrad 10/31/2006
I would say this is quite an issue considering this is an inderect measurement... be careful!!!
Re:Bus or Bust Duct Severity Robertlouis850 11/1/2006
I would suggest that you consider reflection of a heat source (perhaps a light bulb)as the cause of this anomaly. I base this on the the fact that the heat seems to be very localized. In my experience, when the duct is subjected to heating from the bus, the elevated temperature is usualy conducted by the metal duct over a larger area. I would try to view this spot from differant angles to rule this out. Hope this helps.
Re:Bus or Bust Duct Severity Laland 11/2/2006
Thank you guys for the reply. This bus is made of Aluminum and according to the manufacturer of the bus, the maximum temp for the bus is 105 degrees C and the enclosure (bus duct) is 80 degrees C on the surface. My suspicion is in the connector(nuts and bolt that joined the bus)or at the connection area. On the bus duct wherein no connection the temperature is low and is almost similar al through out.

For those who has experienced this, please share this with us.
Re:Bus or Bust Duct Severity Doctir bob 11/6/2006
Experiments we have done at ITC on bus ducts indicate there can be a 25 times multiplier on the outside temperature rise to the inside temperature rise. That is, a 10C rise on the outside could indicate a 250C rise on the inside of a bus duct. One must be sure there is no bus heater causing this, or as previously mentioned an external heat source or reflection. Contact the Infrared Training Center if you would like a publication on bus duct temperatures.

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