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Thermography at -30 dcnewt2 2/12/2004
We are doing some brainstorming up here in the artic, and would like some help. Does anyone have some good ideas at doing thermography in temp -30 to -60. The operating temperature for our camera is -15 to 50C. We are wanting to do analysis on experimental hydraulic motors operating at a mine, located inside the artic circle. Waiting till summer is not a viable option. Thanks,
Re:Thermography at -30 Gary Orlove 2/13/2004
My recommendation is to keep the camera warm!

My first recommendation would be to inspect your equipment from a heated vehicle, just roll down the window and shoot. If that is not possible, then place the camera in a heated container. Using a styrofoam cooler with some of the portable heat packs (commonly used by skiers) can work, feed a video lead to a monitor.

Lastly if all that won't work, bundle the camera up in blankets (with the heat packs).

At this time of year you might want to use some reflective insulation as the outside cover (space blanket) to reduce the radiant heat loss.

Gary Orlove
Infrared Training Center
Re:Thermography at -30 thermoimagen 2/18/2004

what temperature is camera store ?

i mean if camera is turned off, what low temperature reaches?..

take care guys..
Re:Thermography at -30 dcnewt2 2/19/2004
I have personally never stored the camera at temperatures below 20-30C. We always store the camera indoors. At some of the locations where we are planning on doing thermography, anything left outside will reach temperatures of 50 to 60 below in minutes.

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