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Formating memory card...? Conrad 11/8/2006
I have a flir b20 hs and I formatted my memory card to erase all images, and when I reinstall it on the camera it says it needs a fat16 format, and my puter only gives me a fat or fat32 option. Any where I can get this plugin? I don't want to keep buying cards... thanks Conrad
Re:Formating memory card...? Raphael ITC Eurasia 11/8/2006
Most operating systems offer several choices, when formatting.
Scrolling list should appear.
See the attached screen copy, for Windows XP.
Re:Formating memory card...? Jim Haney 11/9/2006
Yes, that's correct. Please formatr the card as FAT. Do not format the card ae FAT32, or NTFS.


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Re:Formating memory card...? Conrad 11/13/2006
Thanks, I'll give it a try...
Re:Formating memory card...? Top Gun 11/18/2006
If the computer solution doesn't work, perhaps a digital camera that uses the same memory card and has a "format" function could format your memory media. If not, you may need to replace the memory card(s). In the future, do not format the media, just delete the images with the computer.

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