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CALIBRATION inquiry for THERMACAM PM595 justgreg 2/13/2004
Any help as to where my camera can be calibrated?
Also, turn around time, costs, frequency?
Thanks in advance!
Re:CALIBRATION inquiry for THERMACAM PM595 jgagnon 2/13/2004
Calibration is recommended yearly in order to maintain the best measurement accuracy (+- 2 degrees or 2%, whichever is higher). Calibration for customers in the Americas is done at the factory in Billerica, MA, USA. For more information you can contact the service department at 866-354-7911. For customers outside the Americas calibration is done at the headquarters in Danderyd, Sweden. The number for the Sweden office is +46(0) 8 753 25 00.


Jason Gagnon
FLIR Systems - Boston
Technical Support
phone: 978-901-8413


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