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Definition of Tamb jerrysun 4/16/2002
What is the Definition of T ambient?
RE:Definition of Tamb Gary Orlve 4/16/2002
Tamb is the "apparent" temperature of the surroundings emitting infrared radiation to an object that the object reflects into the infrared camera.

Apparent temperature means the temperature of a blackbody (emissivity = 1)that emits the same amount of radiation as a real surface at a particular temperature and emissivity.

You find Tamb by setting your emissivity in your camera to 1 and then making a temperature measurement of the surfaces that are emitting radiation that is being reflected by your target of interest.

Gary Orlove
Infrared Training Center
Re:Definition of Tamb ALFRED 2/9/2004
Hi Gary,

Some literature also mention setting camera to near focus after setting emissivity to 1.
Please comment on this.
Re:Definition of Tamb Bernie Lyon 2/19/2004
With respect to setting the camera to near focus after setting the emissivity to 1.0, consider this:
The emissivity is set to 1.0 in order to measure the Reflected Apparent Temperature. I recommend using the area mode when taking this measurement because it will integrate the background radiation and give you a good value, provided that your target is diffuse and not specular. Some cameras can only take spot measurements. By setting the focus to near, the image is diffused and represents more of an average temperature.
For more information on background compensation, see the following messages:

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