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Remove Flir Logo from Video output itcwm 12/6/2006
How can you removed the Flir Logo from the video output?

Can the videos be posted to websites without Flirs permission? Are there any copyright Issues when posting FLIR pictures on websites?

Re:Remove Flir Logo from Video output Pat 12/7/2006
Regarding removing FLIR logo from image and copyright issues, please contact FLIR SVC @ 1-866-FLIR-911 option 2
Re:Remove Flir Logo from Video output IRJay 12/8/2006
We used any image editing tool such as Picture It or Photoshop. Tune the image in a flir package save it as a grphic fiel and then edit it. We usulally did this for competitive reasons. Where we did not want our customers to know what camera we were using.

There is no copyright issues with your images. FLIR made the camera not the images.
Re:Remove Flir Logo from Video output joecustomer 11/3/2008
I called FLIR and spoke to someone named Pat, a tech supervisor. I was told the camera would have to be shipped back to FLIR and would be subject to a labor charge (1 hour @ $190/hr) to remove the logo from my pictures. I have to pay extra for something FLIR shouldn't have done in the first place. (Even pictures taken with a Nikon don't say "Nikon" on the print. What is FLIR thinking?)
P.S. the first tech I spoke to said it would cost me $500.00 to remove the logo.
Re:Remove Flir Logo from Video output phoward 5/12/2010
I was completely outraged when I read this posting and phoned FLIR to abuse them for selling me their logo, not a camera! Things have obviously improved since 2008, as you can now load your image into FLIR QuickReport (software that comes with your FLIR camera) and by saving over (or saving a copy of the image), the FLIR logo disappears and the temperature bar is relocated to the side.

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