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Need help with FLIR quickview software itcwm 12/6/2006
I want to create reports in OPENOFFICE wordprocessor and want to drag and drop infrared pictures from explorer to openoffice. The problem is that FLIR overlays the JPEGS with their LOGO and other text and icon information. Only the awkard quickview program can remove some information. It takes a long time to remove the extra data, save it and you can't drag and drop pictures into other programs. It takes so many manual steps that I wonder if flir intentionally crippled the software.

Here are some problems:
- when you start the software it doesn't remember the directory you worked in before.
- cutting and pasting the jpeg doesn't work with other programs. You have to save the picture to disk and use another program for drag and drop
- very awkard to change the color paletts. You need to mouseclick through 3 menus. (no keyboard shortcuts)
- There is icon menu for setting hotspots and area. The menu doesn't consistently show up (toggle on/off).
- when setting spots it doesn't put the temperature on the jpeg, but only the spot number SP1, SP2, etc. The real temerature information is only shown in an information screen. You cannot have the temperature exported on the picture.
- you have to restart the computer after quickview crashes. Otherwise it just doesn't start.
- You have to use the FLir drivers to connect to the camera. It doesn't use windows build in storage drivers. Then everytime you start the quickview program it connects to some external internet sites [], port 80 [], port 80
also this program connects over the internet c:\program files\flir systems\thermacam quickview 2\update\qv2_silent.exe. I don't understand the purpose.
- When internet is not available the program takes up to 60 sec to start. (on a fast computer)
- When you plug the camera into another usb-port it wants to reinstall the usb driver software from CD, that can take several minutes plus a reboot.

Are there any work arounds or updates to the program?
Re:Need help with FLIR quickview software Jim Haney 12/7/2006

If you are having this many problems with the Quickview freeware, please contact me directly. The ITC message board isn't a very efficient way for me to answer all these questions. I just spent a good deal of time answering many of them and the board timed out and it was lost.

I few things I can assure you is that the software is not trying to access the Internet. Your camera has an IP address and the software is trying to access that.

Jim Haney
Technical Support
FLIR Systems, Inc.
Office: 978-901-8232
Fax: 978-901-8832
FLIR Corporate: 978-901-8000
ITC Corporate: 978-901-8405

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