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FLIR Systems to HOST revolutionary greenhouse and V.O.C. Gas detection CONFERENCE JANUARY 2007 Paul 1/2/2007
FLIR Systems’ first annual PetroTherm Conference which will be held on January 23-24, 2007 in Houston, Texas. This must-attend, FREE event for professionals in the petrochemical and oil and gas industry will feature in-depth presentations on how gas detection is used in real-world applications, provide expert insight into optical imaging for gas detection, overview FLIR’s new ThermaCAM® GasFindIR, and much more!

Hear from Federal and State-level regulatory agencies and commercial organizations!
We are delighted to welcome to PetroTherm representatives from the Environmental Protection Agency, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality, ConocoPhillips Canada and Western Refining Company, L.P. These speakers will discuss how they have used optical imaging gas detection in their work to determine fugitive emission rates for 22 gas processing facilities, detect pollution, identify chemical releases following Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005, find an odor source in a refinery, and much more.

· Optical Leak Detection and Measurement Pilot Study
· Gas Detection Technology Use and Lessons Learned
· Using Infrared Gas Detection Technology for an On-Going Study of Barge Traffic in South Louisiana and in the Aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita
· From Problem to Solution: Tracking Down an Odor Source for a Refinery

These are just a few of our speakers who will be sharing their hands-on experience with optical imaging for gas detection at PetroTherm. Our other speakers will be announced soon – watch for details in upcoming e-mails!

Learn all about optical imaging for gas detection from FLIR’s infrared gurus!

Bring all of your questions about optical imaging for gas detection because FLIR’s team of infrared experts will be at PetroTherm! Bob Benson and Paul Czerepuszko, along with Ron Lucier of FLIR’s world class Infrared Training Center, share why the GasFindIR works in gas detection, overview the latest product developments, share tips and tricks, provide industry updates, review worker safety, discuss regulatory compliance, and much more.

Don’t miss this FREE conference where you can learn all about optical imaging for gas detection from the professionals who use it in refineries, gas processing facilities, and other applications! Seats are already filling quickly, so be sure to register online or call Martha Wouralis at +1-800-254-0633 today to ensure that you reserve your spot at PetroTherm.

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