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Where to begin....... R. Misener 1/2/2007
I am new to the thermography industry. The company I work for has purchased an EX320 camera. I have taken the Level 1 course and am ready to step into the thermography world. We are going to start doing infrared home inspections at first, eventually going into industrial applications. Our demographic area is Eastern Canada. Our first major hirdle is going to be tapping into a virtually untouched market. There are very very few thermographers in our area, almost none in the residential field. Most home energy efficiency companies in the area use a blower door, not an IR camera. How does one convince customers that IR is the way to go when nobody really knows what IR is in our area? We are also having difficulty determining a cost for an IR inspection. I have seen many comments in previous posts on this issue, but lets face it, Eastern Canadians are more hesitant to pay "big bucks" for a newly offered service. Not to mention our area is mainly rural and small towns. Companies using the blower doors seem to ballpark around the $150 range for an inspection. I guess in general we're just spinning in circles looking for the right direction. Any and all comments are welcomed, just looking for a little guidance from all you experts out there. Thanks in advance.
Re:Where to begin....... Gary Orlove 1/3/2007
Here is some data from a February 2006 survey of United States thermographers. All prices in USD.

Hope it provides some guidance.

Gary Orlove
Infrared Training Center
Re:Where to begin....... Avalon Inspection 1/5/2007
I assume Gary's rates are in US dollars so don't forget to convert to Canadian dollars. Today $1.00 US equals $1.1934 CAN. So, for residential inspections the average hourly rate would be $158.72 CAN and the average daily rate would be $1,144.47.
Re: Where to already have! Greg SITS 1/5/2007
Mr. Misener:

I would not use a price sheet. Get the customers to call you for a price so you can negotate every job one its own merits. You need to have a good service so that you can promote it as a good service, so do alot of research, get training, call people that know about the applications, read about it on the web and practice.

When you get a job, don't underprice it, sell it for as much as you will be working very hard on the reports and do a great job.

Greg S.

Re:Where to begin....... InfraredOttawa 1/7/2007
I have been doing Residential IR in Ottawa for about 4 years. Phone me (613) 731-3425 if you want to talk.

Re:Where to begin....... JNTOOLS 1/8/2007
Mr. Misener,

I have to agree with Greg S. I have been doing both residential and commercial thermographic inspection here in Maryland for over two years. My going rate is $250 an hour one hour minimum plus travel time. A lot of the residential jobs are very quick 1 hour or less. To go to those jobs for $150 is just not worth it. And there are a lot more 1 hr. jobs than full day jobs, especially in residential. Training and knowledge of what you are looking at is extremely important for both you and the industry in general. I try my best to only work on projects that I have a lot of knowledge on. There are thermographers who say they specialize in everything from equestrian to looking at de-laminations in the space shuttle. A good rule of thumb is to build the tool around the business not the business around the tool.
Re:Where to begin....... miller0723 1/21/2007
i also need help on start up of this business. would like to know how to start this business. i have taken the H.E.R.S. class in atlanta. i want to start a business with energy audits and thermal camera assesments. i will have the blower door, duct blaster and thermal camera to do this. is there any services rendered contracts out there? or services to be performed contracts? need help in alabama
William Miller

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