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Building Inspection in tropical country IR-indo 1/4/2007

Whether do any experiences do building inspection using IR camera at tropical countries? Could you share your experiences?

I think it will different with sub-tropic countries.
Re:Building Inspection in tropical country Top Gun 1/8/2007
I can see some differences as you say, but many physics laws will still work for you. Roof moisture surveys can still work on CLEAR nights where the sky will absorb the most infrared radiation from the roof, but probably the best time to run the camera would be several hours after sunset. Mousture content in walls would be more difficult as the humidity is generally very high and evaorative cooling will be minimized. the primary means by which the IR camera can see moisture in walls. It probably can be done on exterior walls since the presence of moisture should reduce insulation properties of the wall and outside temperatures will have more influence on the inner surfaces where wet than where the wall is dry. Electrical inspections will be the same as anywhere else in terms of physics, but the moisture may enhance corrosion of electric components once it starts. Good Luck!

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