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FLIR Reporter 8.0? Michael 1/10/2007
What is new in this version? Has anyone downloaded it yet?
Re:FLIR Reporter 8.0? Jim Haney 1/10/2007
The current version is Reporter 8.0 SR1. There is a download at the FLIR website for customers that have purchased Reporter 8.0.

You will need your license number that came with the Reporter 8.0 CD located on the third or fourth page of the Reporter 8.0 Software manual to install the Reporter 8.0 SR1. Please uninstall any previous versions of Reporter 7.0 - 8.0 before installing this upgrade.

Download Link:


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Re:FLIR Reporter 8.0? Michael 1/11/2007
Is this an update for Word 2007 or is this an altogether new platform? If so what is new?

I have Reporter 7.0 will I need a v8.0 license?

Where can I find the version information on FLIR's website?
Re:FLIR Reporter 8.0? Aubrey 1/12/2007
Back to the first post... What is new in 8.0?


Re:FLIR Reporter 8.0? Michael 1/23/2007
Aubrey wrote:
the first post... What is new in 8.0?


Apparently it is a super-secret-this-message-will-self-destruct-in-10-seconds- ultra-mega-for-someone-with-more-clearance-than-us-eyes'-only. FLIR could tell us, but then they would have to track our IP's, have us killed and send in a black ops team to clean. Our families would be told it was an accident.

Probably best to just wait for the official version of the story and believe what we are told.
Re:FLIR Reporter 8.0? Toolman 1/25/2007
It's no big secret. DSM's have the software & can show it to you.

Lots of tweaks & improvements in user interface such as "Thermacam Center", which coordinates all of the functions into a menu driven interface. Other new features include some enhancements to the analysis tools and image cataloging. Trending capabilitty has also been added. All in all, it's taken what IMO was a very good reporting package and made it even more functional & easy to use.
Re:FLIR Reporter 8.0? Ea1Services 1/25/2007
Aubrey wrote:
the first post... What is new in 8.0?


I have been trying to find out what are the changes exactly to decide whether I would want to upgrade. So far, all I am getting is that it will cost me $2500. I too have the Version 7 and did the download only to find out I didn't have the full authorization to upgrade. Can someone at FLIR please put together a brochure that explains the new version in detail so we can make an educated decision?
Re:FLIR Reporter 8.0? Pelle 2/16/2007
Check the Link below


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