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Survey Periodicity? D_King 1/16/2007
Out of curiosity what would you recommend for a periodicity on a 4Kv switchboard in a low to no vibration temperature/humidity controlled enviroment?

The situation that arrose was a hotspot that was identified on a bolted connection while doing a post maintenance survey. Not on the equipement being worked but on a nearby connection.

These particular switchboards have been in operation for 20+ years and to my knowlege have not been surveyed before. (The switchboard is only used a few hours a month.) I and the other engineers suspect that this condition has existed since installation. All of the similar switchboards were surveyed and found to be sat.

I created a spin off PM from the current to include one specific to this cabinet due to the fact that it isn't typically energized. (hard to include it with everything else) While I have selected a periodicity for it, what would everyone suggest as a periodicity?

Re:Survey Periodicity? jvoitl 1/16/2007
I have 75 substations to shoot. After the 1st time when I found a few problems and had them corrected, I have found once a year to be satisfactory. In the proper enviroment problems are few and far between, and worsen slowly. I have other things in severe enviroments that I shoot every 3 to 6 months and always find something new, but still in the stage where we can plan maintenance when convenient.

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