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Polymer Lightning Arresters bstewart 1/30/2002
Has anyone been finding substation class polymer lightning arresters heating up. This past year I have found several 12.5KV arresters with a 30c rise over a similar component.
I know there have been reports given on distribution class arresters. Is anyone else seeing substation class arresters mounted on transformers heating up. ( polymer arresters ).
RE:Polymer Lightning Arresters butler 4/15/2002
This may not be of any help to you but I have found one 27 KV polly arrester on a substation transformer belonging to a supplier of ours showing hot. I have found 3 10 KV polly arresters on different lines throughout our service area.
Re:Polymer Lightning Arresters Doctir bob 2/5/2004
The ITC 2003 InfraMation Proceedings has a great paper by Richard Strmiska of Sumter Electric Cooperative on lightning arresters. Moisture intrusion can be a big problem for some types of arresters. There should be no external surface temperature rise on a lightning arrester due to internal heating. Such heating indicates undue leakage current. Lightning arresters are "indirect" targets where the internal temperature rise can be significantly higher than the external rise seen by an IR camera.

See this link for the paper:

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