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Cooling Refractory Hot Spots. pcm ir man 1/30/2007
I am urgently needing advise on the use of steam to cool the outside surface of a direct fired furnace & associated flues.The furnaces/flue operating temp is between 1100 & 1380 degrees C depending on the product being run.
We have an abundance of low pressure steam on the plant,blowing off to atmospere, but presently use compressed air. I have had plenty of people tell me steam is the way forward and tat it is commonly used in heavy industry but the management requires proof,and as yet no one can
1 - explain why
2 - provide technical papers or evidence/case studies
3 - show examples/reports/images of where this method has been employed.
Any information would be off help
Re:Cooling Refractory Hot Spots. TDLIR 1/30/2007
I presented a technical paper at IR/Info-2006 on Refractory inspection that covered steam cooling of hot spots.

To answer your questions in basic form:

1- Steam is usually available and cheaper. And it is also much cooler than the hot spot. Steam will condensate resulting in additional cooling effects. For refractory hot spots, steam acts as a coolant.

2- My paper is provided at:

3- examples are shown in my paper.

Hope this helps.


Sonny James

Re:Cooling Refractory Hot Spots. pcm ir man 1/31/2007

we talk again.. Many thanks for the paper and the links you sent me. But flir could provide no further info & spray systems are still looking.
I have also contacted the institute of refractory engineers who belive it or not have come up with nothing. Speak again soon

Regards Anthony ( UK )

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