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Read & Display Raw IR Images from within MATLAB Adham 2/20/2007
Hello everyone;
i have a Flir ThermoVision A20 M (with fire wire). i am using Thermacam Researcher to record data and analyze it.
i was wondering if there is an sdk that is already ready to use for the Read & Display Real Time Raw IR Images from within MATLAB.if there is any suggestions please mention it. waiting ur help, thanks in advance..
Re:Read & Display Raw IR Images from within MATLAB Pelle 2/21/2007

The FLIR SDK have povisions for using the CameraControl within MATLAB you can actually run live with this control and it comes with some sample code.

Contact you local Sales Contact and ask about it. If you ask for the manual then you can see the methods MLGetImage and MLGetImages described.

Pelle Soderberg
FLIR Systems

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