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Infrared Von 2/21/2007
Hey guys,
We are looking into purchasing an infrared camera and was wondering your thoughts on some issues. What kind of camera do you use? How did you justify the purchase of this camera to management? Do we need to buy the top of the line or are there others that will serve the purpose for our petrochemical plant. What options or functions are critical on the camera? Keep in mind the other uses also. Pressure systems, mechanical, ops. etc. Also your thoughts and reasoning behind the use of a contractor to perform this function. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
Re:Infrared John B 5/11/2007
I would say your needs depend on your uses. If you are going to hand off repairs to someone else, try for a camera that captures light photos along with the IR image -- because an IR image doesn't necessarily look like the same scene in daylight. If you will do repairs yourself, you could just take notes to remind you of what the image shows.
Also, go for solid state over a cooled camera (you probably can't get the latter anymore) because solid state cameras are ready to use in seconds. The others take 20 minutes!! I know this because I use (grudgingly) an ancient FLIR PM290. It's heavy. It eats batteries. And it saves pictures in a proprietary format, so I'm stuck with their software.
If you use a contractor, you lose spontaneity. They can't show up in ten minutes if someone needs a quick electrical diagnosis.
Re:Infrared 5/14/2007
Its all about what the application is. I shopped around for a bit before I bought a camera. I was orignally going with the EX320 or the E45 and was even considering the mikon 7800. I had the demo and decided that flir was my camera. The next step was to fit it to my application. I needed a camera that went with the building application. I really had no need for a high temperature camera so i narrowed it down just a bit. The next step was to get as many features as possible but again looking for building applications. The E45 and the BX320 was right for my application. (The BX320 is the exact camera that the EX320 is but with just one temperature setting)I felt I needed the dew point alarm because it would be benificial for the energy and moisture audits that i planned to use it for. I also liked the area max. and min. temperature and decided to make sure my camera had all of these extra's. After futher consideration, I decided the 320 x 240 array was a good choice and would be something I could depend on. I did buy the BX320 and it does just what i need it to do. I am glad I spent the extra money for the higher end camera. The camera is easy to use and the high quality images goes hand in hand with the quality of work I strive for.>>>> Look around before you buy, ask alot of questions, define the application BEFORE you buy and most of all, get the camera that fits what you need it for. Make sure you understand what the extra's will do and not do for you and when i doubt ASK MORE QUESTIONS.
William Miller

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