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Researcher Camera control Issue Adham 2/26/2007
hello everyone
i am trying to control the camera thru Researcher,yet when i open the camera-control window and i press the Btn tap, nothing happens.
All other Taps in the Camera control window work ( Cam, Text,Rec...)
I installed (directed by Flir Tech Support) the SR3 Version trying to solve the problem , but nothing changed. the camera is connected for sure, since i can record thru Researcher ,.and actually,i can use camera control in the FSCAP software on the same connection.
(note i am not trying to connect with researcher while i am connected to FSCAP, i always Close one to use the other).
Please let me know of any suggestions..
Re:Researcher Camera control Issue Pelle 2/27/2007

To be able to have some suggestions you need to tell us what Camera Model You are using.

You might have a corrupt registry and if you send me an Email with your Phone Number I can call you (or have someone else call you depending on where you are located in the World) and go thru the steps to eliminate that. If that is the problem.


Re:Researcher Camera control Issue Adham 2/27/2007
Sorry for that ,
the Camera is a FlIR thermoVison A20M,
Re:Researcher Camera control Issue Pelle 2/27/2007

I'm just now running an A20M with Researcher SR-3 without the Problem you have.
Please send me an E-Mail as this requires some deletion in registry that I do not like to get missused by others as it can create some problems if used incorrectly.


Send me your Phone number and we can go thru this step by step.
Re:Researcher Camera control Issue Adham 2/28/2007
Hello Pelle,
thanks for the help , yet cleaning the registery settings was not enough, the problem presist and again i am still open for suggestions !
the only control on the camera that i can do is to freeze the picture and defreeze it.
i want to mention that i have installed on this computer the software ThermaCam QuickView, should i try to clean it registery settings , or that is not an issue?
if there is something else to do , please let me know.

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