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IR Camera Advise ILMGUY 2/26/2007
I am a retired electrical engineer who is considering the purchase of an IR camera to begin a new career in thermography. I have narrowed my choices down to those manufactured by Flir, Mikron and Fluke. Any advice from anyone already in the field?

Many thanks!

Re:IR Camera Advise john@FLIR 2/27/2007
Hi Les,

Please let us know how we can help. We rent, lease, and sell high performance FLIR IR cameras. We are happy to show you first hand why FLIR supplies more IR cameras than all others combined. We also have pre-owned cameras with factory warranty that are favorites of potential IR consultants like yourself.

Good Luck,
John Keane
Re:IR Camera Advise Laland 2/27/2007
Hi Les,

I am also an Electrical Engineer and an ITC Level 1 Thermogrpher. Should you plan to pursue to this career, I suggest you take also a certification training. I have done some thermal scanning using FLIR camera. So far I am satisfied with FLIR and have seen and tried other brands. Maybe I am biased with FLIR but personally I prefer FLIR.

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