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fault classification criteria cocolulu 3/7/2007
May I knwo is there any well known fault classification criteria that can been used for electrical inspection??
Re:fault classification criteria Bob Berry 3/8/2007
There are many different inspection criteria available. However, none of them should really be considered universal. The one that is right for one site, may not suit another. I do believe they should be site specific.

You also need to be aware that they should be used with caution. Temperature alone should not be used to classify a fault.

If you attend an ITC level 1 course there are some examples of severity criteria in the course litrature.
Re:fault classification criteria Laland 3/18/2007
Do you mean mathematical fault calculation on an electrical system or fault as in hotspot. For electrical system, yes there is but as in thermography, I agree with Bob. Determining fault thorugh thermal scanning can be a complimentary procedure in determining fault.

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