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Compact Flash for P60 LSSIR 3/9/2007
What is the largest compact flash I can use in a Flir P60-2

I purchased both a 2GB and 1GB and neither work.

So far all I can use are 64Mb and 128Mb

Re:Compact Flash for P60 Raphael ITC Eurasia 3/10/2007
I suggest that you format the card in FAT16 (or simply FAT).
Re:Compact Flash for P60 LSSIR 3/10/2007
Raphael ITC Eurasia wrote:
st that you format the card in FAT16 (or simply FAT).
Thanks for the suggestion, but I tried formating the Compact Flash cards in both fat and fat32. No luck as of yet.
Re:Compact Flash for P60 JKEngineer 3/10/2007
I can't address your issue directly, however, my experience with a Thermacam 390, which is an older camera, has been that some brands of flash cards work and others don't. Part of my issues have been the specifications to which the 390 was designed and the time at which they were made.
This may, or may not, be an issue with the P60.

(The 390 is designed for a PCMCIA card and I can use a CF card in an adapter. I have the brand issue with both PCMCIA cards and with CF cards. One brand of PCMCIA cards that used to work no logner does because the manufacturer "improved" them.)
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Re:Compact Flash for P60 LSSIR 3/11/2007
Great suggestion Jack!

To anyone else with a Flir P60 or like imager, what are the largest size and brands (of Compact Flash) that anyone of you have successfuly used?
Re:Compact Flash for P60 Sugiharno 3/29/2007
I've tried 2GB (FAT16) for my P65 and it worked. I only use the cheapest CF.

For PM695 (PMSeries), I use Sandisk Ultra II 512MB CF+PCMCIA Adapter because only Sandisk is compatible one.

FYI: If "slow-recall" your images is oke for you, you may use up to 2GB CF. If you want to "fast-recall", use max 256MB.


Re:Compact Flash for P60 irkyle 4/3/2007
We use the Flir P60 and use the lexar media 512 and it works great.

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