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Low-level RC Aerial Inspections? qb7 3/11/2007
Hi - I currently perform aerial video and still photography using a remote control helicopter, and would like to know if it is feasible to perform aerial thermal imaging for the purpose of inspections. (eg. HV power lines, steamlines, power stations, heat-A/C loss, etc).

I would assume a remote controlled helicopter is a practical platform for some sort of thermal imaging in the commercial arena, apart from search/resecue and surveillance applications.

Could someone please enlighted this novice as to what I could successfully pursue in aerial inspections given the platform I will use?

If feasible, I will start pursing training and required certifications.

Thanks in advance for you input!
Re:Low-level RC Aerial Inspections? JKEngineer 3/11/2007
Please contact me offline about this.

Jack M. Kleinfeld, P.E.
Kleinfeld Technical Services, Inc.
Infrared Thermography, Finite Element Analysis, Process Engineering

Bronx, NY 10463

866-884-6644 toll free
212-214-0919 fax and voice mail
Skype: JKEngineer or
come see what we can do for you:

Re:Low-level RC Aerial Inspections? qb7 3/11/2007
Will do; thanks.

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