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Some Questions ScarletOaksCRE 3/11/2007
I am doing a school project on Electric Thermography and was wondering if anyone on here could help me answer some questions.

If you dont care to answer them please repost them or e-mail the answers to me.

1.When were Infrared camera's invented?

2.How do infrared camera's work?

3.Why use infrared camera's?

4.Is it worth it for a company to use infared services.

5.How long have you been using infrared technology.

6.How much would someone need to spend to get into the field?

7.How long does the tranning take?

8.Is there alot of competition for work?

9.How many people would you say work in the field?

10.Is the trade in high demand right now?

11.How much would tranning cost?

12.What education backround would you want to have

Re:Some Questions ScarletOaksCRE 3/11/2007
Sorry my e-mail address is
Re:Some Questions jvoitl 3/12/2007
Try this link for a start.
Re:Some Questions BDL 3/13/2007
The Primer is excellent. If you would like to find more info on costs and such try to be more specific to the industry. In other words, if it is 8 hours of a journeyman electrician performing the scans it is likely the going service rate for that grade of electrical work x 8hours. If you are looking at someone specialized in equine get the idea. I think you would base it on the field and then whether it was a full or half day at the going rate plus travel etc.

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