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Blower Door Laland 3/28/2007
My apologies for the ignorance. Can anybody explain what is a blower door, how it works? Where can it be found and how thermography helps?

May thanks..
Re:Blower Door Avalon Inspection 3/28/2007
A blower door is a device that is mounted in an open door and blocks off the door opening. A fan mounted in the blower door blows air from the house to the exterior to depressurize the house. (Sometimes the fan is reversed to pressurize the house.) Instrumentation allows the technician to measure the air flow through the fan in CFM (cubic feet per minute). The volume of air being exhausted through the fan equals the sum of all air infiltrating into the house (around doors and windows, electrical boxes, through cracks, etc.).

Air infiltration equals energy loss. By identifying where air is infiltrating into a house the owner can caulk, seal and weatherstrip those locations and reduce their utility bill.

There are two main blower door manufacturers: Minneapolis Blower Door and Infiltec. Google "blower door" for contact information.

Thermography combined with a blower door helps by exactly where air is infiltrating into the home. If the house is heated to 70° and the outside air is 30° the cold air infiltrating into the house will show very clearly (or rather the materials around the cold air being drawn into the house will show very clearly).

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