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Equine Thermography Chuck Lambert 3/31/2007
I am looking for a copy of "Practicle Equine Thermography" If anyone has it and they no longer want it or can point me in the right direction I would appreciate it.

Re:Equine Thermography Barry1 4/1/2007

Dont know if they still have it
Re:Equine Thermography Hay 5/13/2007
Hi there,
There is a book called "Illustrated atlas of clinical equine anatomy and common disorders of the horse.
From Ronald J. Riegel, D.V.M.
Marysville Ohio
ISBN 3-87706-553-8

I have this book in German and it is wel illustrated and it gives a good impression what is possible with thermography.
There is also a person in Austria that has a lot of experience with equine thermography, her name is Sonja Appelt


Hai Theunissen Netherlands

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