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Software for Inframetrics 760? KevinBeyer 4/12/2007

I just "inherited" an Inframetrics 760 camera from a project that no longer needs it. Having never used an IR camera before I was wondering if there was any control/data collection software that could be used with this equipment?


Re:Software for Inframetrics 760? David Campbell 4/14/2007
Email me at

Re:Software for Inframetrics 760? KevinBeyer 4/27/2007
David Campbell wrote:
e at

Hi, David,

I've emailed you a few times. Perhaps you are not getting my messages. Could you email me?

beyer_k @


Re:Software for Inframetrics 760? KevinBeyer 5/29/2007
Can anyone help me with my request? I really would like to make good use of these two cameras.

I would really appreciate any information regarding controls software for these units. I realize that they could be considered vintage by today's standards. But, they are in perfect working order and I would like to use them productively.

Thanks again,

Re:Software for Inframetrics 760? Gary Orlove 6/5/2007
There are several software packages from FLIR Systems capable of analyzing 760 images.

Image Explorer 99 - This is freeware available at:

Quick Report, Researcher, and ThermaCAM Reporter also are able to read and analyze these image files. Contact your local FLIR Sales Agent for more information on these programs.

Gary Orlove
Infrared Training Center

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