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Finding underground hot water leak Roland 3/3/2004
My landlord has an underground hot water leak. I examined the floors with a thermal camera but found no distinct indications of a heat source. I have noticed in some spots the floor is warm to the touch. If I cover the floor with an object [e.g. blanket] in these spots, I can see with the camera that the object heats up, and it leaves a visible hot spot when lifted up. Are there any tips or techniques to finding the leak?
Re:Finding underground hot water leak IRJay 3/3/2004
First thing we have to start with a cool floor. If the floor has a covering such as rugs or carpet these will need to be removed. After the floor is cooled off, you want it at or below room temp. Turn on the water but at a very slow volume.
Scan the floor. At first look for a cool spot where the cool water that remiained in the piping is pushed out. It will be extremely subtle. Once the floor leak is located you will observe the leak getting warmer as the cool water is replaced with the warm. The larger the room or area the slower the flow you will want.

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