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IR camera and equipment Insurance G-MAN 5/7/2007
Greetings to all! I like to know if someone can recommend a good electronic equipment insurer that can cover high end/value equipment, please.

Thank you,

Re:IR camera and equipment Insurance Top Gun 5/8/2007
I use Auto-Owner's insurance as a carrier and the policy type you're looking for is "Inland Marine" to insure your portable expensive test equipment, or infrared cameras. I assume you're all set for the rest of your insurance needs. Good luck!
Top Gun
Re:IR camera and equipment Insurance Bob Berry 5/8/2007
"Inland Marine" insurance may not be the correct insurance. Sometimes it only covers goods in transit, for instance if you happen to be in a car wreck and your camera is damaged it is covered. Generally this type of insurance does not cover your camera should you go in to pay for your gas and your camera is stolen, or if it is damaged in any other way.

I found this out at my cost about a year ago.

You need "all risk" cover, and in order to bring down the cost a little you should look for insurance that does NOT cover if left overnight in an unattended vehicle.

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