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Mikron "ViewPort"/Flir P65 Camera David Campbell 5/16/2007
I have a customer who is considering installing 20 or more Mikron ViewPorts on his switchgear. He is going this route as much for cost as anything else. Because he uses my services for inspections, he checked with Flir to see if Mikron's SpyGlass Lens attaches to my Flir P65 camera - he was assured that it does and he is willing to purchase it.
Any comments about this set-up and the use of Mikron viewports?
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David Campbell
Thermal Infrared Services
Re:Mikron "ViewPort"/Flir P65 Camera john@FLIR 5/17/2007
Hi David,

Unfortuntaley your customer was misinformed. That lens will not fit a ThermaCAM P65 or any other FLIR camera.

While we support an approach that allows inspections to be done without opening the doors, we believe very strongly that the Spyglass approach is dangerous to the thermographer and to anyone proximate to these panels. The panel doors are there for a reason, namely to protect people from hurting themselves and making the area safer in the event of an arc flash and/or explosion.

Putting a hole in the panel door that’s over a ½” wide protected by nothing more than a screw on plastic cover defeats this safety mechanism. IEE regulation 412-03-01 that states, “Live parts shall be inside enclosures or behind barriers providing at least the degree of protection IP2X”. The 5/8” hole is in contravention of IP2X and can negate the safety rating of the cabinets.

A customer described how a person electrocuted themselves when they attempted to measure the distance from the door to the bus bar with a tape measure through a vent. As a result of incident like this, utilities are replacing doors with vents with fully protected enclosures.

In addition, the Spyglass approach requires a huge $8,500 lens to look through their 5/8” view hole. This means that anyone installing these view holes is locked into Mikron as a camera supplier forever. The lens can’t focus beyond 45” so it’s useless for any other applications.

We believe that IR windows accomplish the same goal in a much safer manner. Many even include a locking metal cover for further protection (IP65). Nothing can penetrate the cabinet and no safety ratings are compromised. In fact, many OEM cabinet makers are offering doors with the IR windows already installed. The 2" mesh is only $60.

19255-000 2" Mesh LSF Type IR Window
(can be used <500V)(IP2X) $60

This is the safest, quickest, and most practical way to perform electrical cabinet inspections.

Best regards,
John Keane
FLIR Systems


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