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Flir Camera Rentals dargen430 5/21/2007
Hi all,

I wanted to let everyone know that Flir is now doing 80% credit on all our Thermography IR camera rentals toward the purchase of a camera. We have a huge rental inventory from which customers can choose. We rent everything from our low cost InfraCAM/BCAM series up to our 640x480 handheld - P640 and everything in between. There hasn't been a better time to try before you buy. Please call our Rental Specialists at 1-866-IR-RENTS (1-866-477-3687) with any questions.


Steve Chisholm - Flir Systems
Re:Flir Camera Rentals kinseyindallas 6/1/2007
Please send me pricing to purchase used or demo
on the bcams or infra cams. Ready to make a deal.

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