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Heat loss calculation using ThermaCamP65 Govinda-IRT 6/7/2007
can any one help me how to calculate heat loss of a reformer using ThermaCamP65 camera and what is the procedure for this?
Re:Heat loss calculation using ThermaCamP65 Andy Whitcher 6/7/2007
What heat loss are you attempting to measure? The loss from a small area, one item of equipment or from the whole unit?
Re:Heat loss calculation using ThermaCamP65 JKEngineer 6/7/2007
You can ESTIMATE it by a sectional integration of the heat transfer from small to moderate sized sections of the walls that are at a single temeperature using the wall temperature for that section and an appropriate heat transfer coefficient for the local conditions, along with the bulk air temperature. You may also wish to include a radiation component. Determination of the heat transfer coefficient value will be both approximate and tricky. As an alternative, the entire column could be modeled in Computational Fluid Dyanmics software to get the heat transfer coefficients more accurately for the local conditions and to sum the heat transfered.

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