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Is P50F as good as AGEMA550 Govinda-IRT 6/7/2007
now we are thinking to purchase P25F/P50F for the tube inspcetion job only. but as far as i know it not for SW application
Re:Is P50F as good as AGEMA550 Michael 6/14/2007
I have spoken with two people that told me the same thing- it is not accurate. They both experienced "floating" of temperatures. If I remember correctly, this floating was as much as 200*F. I have heard second hand of other issues, but those are irrelevant if the temperatures are not accurate.

It appears that until the market justifies designing a new SW cooled camera OR spending some serious money to develop the microbolometer for our purpose, there is no viable alternative to the venerable 390 or 550. Although, it seems that this is rapidly becoming an issue with the finite amount of replacement parts. A 390 cooler replacement, minor maintenance, and calibration was about $8k. The video cards are astronomical and a detector, well, I would consider looking for another used 390 if the detector crapped out.

There was some talk of a company that was attempting to convert a stationary cooled SW unit into a mobile package. This is what we need, an independent to design and develop it, and then FLIR to buy the out company. Then we will have our next generation furnace camera...

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