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short wave or mid wave ??.. thermoimagen 3/4/2004
Very often i read info where the very experiences thermographers refers to short wave and mid wave cameras like if there are the same ..

exist the mid wave cameras?..

i understand that if we considerer near infrared, short wave cameras will be in the middle of near and long wave cameras..

is this true or not .. thanks
Re:short wave or mid wave ??.. jdemonte 3/4/2004
In the maintenance world of infrared, there are two typical band widths of light that are commonly used, 3-5 and 8-12um. The IR spectrum is far larger than that, and other applications require the use of other bands. The military, for instance, commonly refers to 3-5um as mid-wave because they use a couple of other IR bands that maintenance does not. The common term for the .75-1um band is "near-IR", 1-3um is "short IR", 3-5um is "mid-IR", and 8-12 (or longer) is "long-IR".

Both ways of stating it are correct. It just depends on what IR application you use: military/law enforcement or maintenance/PdM.

Re:short wave or mid wave ??.. thermoimagen 3/4/2004
Thanks for the answer Joe.

what about the car races?.. still running and wining??..

when i talk about the nice and shiny motors and explain to my friends about Heating, they dont believe me, i am happy with my black motor and black water radiator..

here in mexicali temperatures are almost like Phoenix, AZ.

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