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Emissivity Value needed Esther 7/6/2007
Hi all, I need to know the emissivity value of the material used for support electric insulators in substations, fuselinks, etc. Is the value given in tables for glazed porcelain correct?

Thanks in advance jvoitl 7/6/2007
.92 Should be close enough to do a comparison with other like items but if you really need to get accurate you better measure it. daryl 7/12/2007
.92 is close enough, but I believe the more critical issue is temperature difference between the insulators. In past experience, temperature differences of as little as 5 degrees indicate a problem and recommendations are to replace the item. Fuselinks are a little different issue when looking at the link are you considering the metal in the link or the fuse itself. Unless the fuse is discolored the temperature of the fuse body is not even taken into consideration. In the fuse link case it is also very important to note the load at the time of imaging.

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