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LUNCH: Aluminum FOIL thermoimagen 3/4/2004
The aluminum foil. one of the biggest uses is to put the lunch and covered with Aluminum foil, what for??..

the aluminum foil has two shinny sides, but one more than the other one..

what side you put the shinniest side of aluminum foil for cover the lunch?.. a) to the lunch side?.. b)to the exterior side ?..

can anyone give a funny answer??..i would like to hear from Ron Lucier too..ron thanks for the CD with videos.
Re:LUNCH: Aluminum FOIL JKEngineer 3/5/2004
I would put the shiny side out if I thought it had lower emissivity, and wanted to maintain the temperature of the lunch, AND thought it would actually matter (which I don't believe - the time between making and wrapping lunch and then finally unwrapping it is too long.)

A better question:
Why does everyone keep painting their BBQs matte black and their steam radiators shiny silver?

A matte black BBQ loses heat faster than just about any other color. I propone painting them metallic silver and saving fuel.

A silver radiator losses heat slower than just about any other color - and therefore heats the room less. Of course that makes the steam system easier to balance and bring up to temperature in an apartment building that has multiple radiators to bring to temperature. Still, puts less heat into the room in a given amount of time. A penny pinching landlord might find running the heat on a clock rather than a thermostat cheaper with silver radiators.

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Re:LUNCH: Aluminum FOIL Glave 3/5/2004
Personaly I wrap my lunch in foil so I can put it on the engine block when I'm on the road on a cold day!

Re:LUNCH: Aluminum FOIL ron lucier 3/7/2004
Hey Roberto - Hope you enjoy the CD!

Like Jack I too ponder the painting of BBQ's black and radiators silver. In New England you can buy "radiator paint". It's silver. Perhaps we should call these devices convectors.

Back to the foil - yes, put the shiny side out. Shiny things heat up slower and cool off slower based on low emissivity. Painted things change temperature easier due to high emissivity.

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