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Almuerzo envuelto en Papel Aluminio thermoimagen 3/4/2004
Sres, uno de los usos mas comunes el del papel aluminio es el de envolver nuestro almuerzos, sin embargo, se han preguntado porque?..

el papel aluminio tiene las superficies brillantes, sin embargo una mas brillante que la otra.

ustedes para que lado colocan el lado brilloso, a) hacia afuera del almuerzo, b) hacia el almuerzo?..

me gustaria saber que opinan al respecto y si su respuesta tiene una explicacion cientifica.


Re:Almuerzo envuelto en Papel Aluminio Hans 3/5/2004
Theoretically, from a heat transfer point of view, the most shiny side should be outside. The reason is that it is the outside that looses heat by radiation. You may think that a shiny inside would reflect heat back to the food, but the inside is mostly in direct contact with the food, so radiation is not the major heat transfer mode there. If the case is to bake food in the oven, the reason is the same: You want to protect the surface of the food from direct heating by radiation. (And, of course the wrapping keeps the nice tastes and moisture inside.)
Now, the difference in emissivity is probably very minute, so in practice I don't think it really matters.
Re:Almuerzo envuelto en Papel Aluminio IRJay 3/5/2004
A simple experiment would prove this out. Warm up two potatoes in the oven at the same time. remove them and wrap them in foil. One has shiny side in , the other shiny side out. Now observe them with your camera. The shiny foil potatoe will not be radiating heat as the shiny surface is not efficent at emitting it's heat. So this potatoe will stay warmer some time longer than the other. And if you time this right you can have them for lunch or dinner. I also assume the oven was turned on by someone proficent in it's use. :)
Re:Almuerzo envuelto en Papel Aluminio thermoimagen 3/6/2004
Gracias HANS and IR JAYpor su valiosa informacion y participacion.

Seguramente realizare las pruebas que sugieren en sus comentarios ..


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