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Cold water leaks .. thermoimagen 3/5/2004
my neighbor ask me if i can detect a water leak down at floor and close to wall right in the corner. this leak have at least 2 weeks. he noted some moisture coming out from an edge of house.

this wall never receives sun load, the water leak is Cold water..(mexicali cold water right now is 60 F, and ambient temperatura this days (first week of March is lower 50's and highs upper 70's)

to get the thermal contrast, should i heat the wall or floor at any suspicios starting point?..

i dont know what to spect to see.
what if the humidity area is too big?.


rob cruz
Re:Cold water leaks .. ron lucier 3/7/2004
The water will evaporate if and when it gets to a surface, regardless of the temperature. As it changes phase from liquid to vapor it releases heat and cools and will appear cooler than the room.

If the leak does not get to the surface you may have a very difficult time locating it. Raising the temperature of the room is one option though I think it is unlikely to help much. Look again for cool areas. You probably will have to use the smallest temperature span possible.
Re:Cold water leaks .. scottw 3/9/2004
you may try jumping the waterheater to the cold side and just look for the hot spot.
i've had good luck finding waterleaks outside on cold clear nights.
Re:Cold water leaks .. thermoimagen 3/9/2004
you mean, switch cold to hot ?..or backwards?..

excelent idea,

thanks guys ..

House Water leaks richard 4/15/2004
I have water coming in between my Clapboards and plywood sheathing of my house. Can anybody help me with infrared technology to detect the areas where the water is coming in and if there is mold in my walls?
Re:Cold water leaks .. Tony C. 4/15/2004
Water between cladding and sheathing can result from either rain or melt water penetration from sources higher on the wall or from interior sources due to condensation of interior or exterior mositure sources. Where are you located? This is the first question to be determined. Condensation moisture sources are generally more problematic than rain water penetration since the latter can most likely be dried out but the former (condensation sources) cannot and therefore lead to mould problems. Before you try to use an infrared imager to determine the opening, determine the source through elementary building science.

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