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Building Science contract thermographers WANTED Infrared Consultants 8/7/2007
Infrared Consultants is looking for building science thermographers nationwide.

We specialize in building envelope assessments and complete Industrial Hygiene services. All employees are degreed professionals with certifications in infrared thermography and/or industrial hygiene. We only use high-resolution FLIR infrared cameras.

Our specialty is environmental studies from water impact. We use only DNA analysis for all indoor air quality investigations. Our company owned laboratory located in Oakridge, TN, is one of only 14 laboratories in the world licensed by the EPA to conduct this level of analysis. Visit our lab at

IRC has completed over 3000 inspections with 500+ clients over the last five years. Many of these were large commercial properties, apartment complexes, and 20+ story condominiums. Our firm has evaluated over 40 large condominiums on both the east and west coast of Florida from the hurricane impacts of 2004/2005. One of which resulted in the largest insurance settlement in Florida's history, over 25 million!

We are currently expanding our network of qualified individuals to meet the needs of our demanding clients. Individuals must have – High-resolution FLIR equipment, building science certification and/or level two or above, minimum of 5 years construction background, and proper general liability/auto insurance. Some of our cases require deposition and/or expert testimony.

Please send resume to

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