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Classes in Florida ab11301 8/9/2007
I'm new in the home inspection business and I just bought the RazIr Thermal Imaging Camera.I'm looking for classes that I can do some hands on training! I can read something a 1,000 X's, But until I see someone or actually have someone teach me it's still a little foggy. The problem is that I live in Florida, I've searched and searched but I find classes everywhere EXCEPT in Florida! Maybe I looking in the wrong places or Maybe Florida is just alittle behind! If anyone has any suggestions for me I would be forever greatful!!!!
Re:Classes in Florida flir1 8/10/2007
The ITC has a Building Science Class scheduled for Dec. 3-6 in Boca Raton, FL this year. You can get additional information and register for the class by going to and checking out the courses and schedule. Florida has had at least 2 of these Building Science Courses per year for the last 3 years.

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