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External Storage device for EX320/E300 Shaibal Ghosh 8/23/2007
I want to use personal video recorder with ThermaCAM EX320/E300 to store radiometric infrared images, is it possible? if any one using the same for storing IR images not video, please respond with your experience like make and model used.

As there is a limitation of storing only 80 images with the above referred IR camera and my requirement if more than 200 images so I want to opt for alternative storage device during my survey.
Re:External Storage device for EX320/E300 Jim Haney 8/30/2007
Hello Shaibal,

The EX-320/300 series cameras can store the radiometric images internally; however, there is no memory card option. Additionally, most external drives require an operating system that can install device drivers to access the drive. The operating system inside the camera is not capable of installing device drivers.

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