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Ponding water on flat roofs WCTI 8/27/2007
Summertime rains are an everyday occurance in south Florida. Obviously this is when most businesses consider repairing roof leaks. Any suggestions on ways to provide an accurrate report (ie. leaf blower to spread and dry moisture) are much appreciated.
Re:Ponding water on flat roofs dprovenzano 9/10/2007
I believe ponding is a problem in it's own. Even "flat" roofs should slope to a drain. Depending on the size roof, I think I would try to squeegee excess water as soon as possible post rainstorm to allow the surface a chance to dry before evening.
Re:Ponding water on flat roofs Derby 9/15/2007
I agree that the ponding is a symptom of another problem. Another approach is to locate the ponding on a grid of the roof and then check the interior to see where the leaks are in relation to your map. With luck they are not near the ponds and you could try shooting the roof with the pond(s) there. An issue with a "flat" roof is that the ballast gravel on some types of roof preventing removal of water. Good luck!

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