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7° lens with thermovison 870 SJoerd73 9/17/2007
We have an Agema 870 we can use.
With the 7° lens we have a scanned surface at 10m distance from 1,2mx1,2m. The focal distance is 110mm for this lens.

If I ad a 55mm distance ring between the lens and the camera how large will the scanned area than be and how much will the distance be to get a sharp image ?

Re:7° lens with thermovison 870 Pelle 9/18/2007
If you look at the attached Image then you can see the purple optics (that is the fixed Ocular on the 870) and the rest of the optics in the 7 deg lens. For a Extension ring to work without distorsions and be able to calculate or calibrate the optical beam should be paralell. Where you put the Extension rings (not something that AGEMA sold) is basically in the middle of the 7 Degree optical path and this is why AGEMA never had Extension rings for the 800 or 400 Series Cameras. Sorry, but we do not have that type of optical data that we can calculate this.
Pelle Soderberg/FLIR

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