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Flir P65 for sale (purchased new 6/07) SoCal Infrared 9/25/2007
Flir P65 camera plus 45 degree lens $31,000 purchased new in June 2007. Warranty in tact. Extra 2 gig Compact Flash Card. Excellent condition (like new), only used a few times on inspections.

Great deal for you P Series Die Hards....I have 4 cameras in company and have to dispose of one. The P Series is overkill for most of what we do....but a must for most of you electrical guys

email for spec sheet or more info if out of country requests. Located in So. California. Email your offer
888-762-2547 x3
Re:Flir P65 for sale (purchased new 6/07) SoCal Infrared 10/29/2007

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